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Mark One Sign and Graphics is not only a group sponsor but also our official provider of all our Mad Max's Stickers, Declas and Gels. Mark One is by Mark Chaimberlain and when you come to ordering custom work mention "Mad Max's" and he will give you the best possible price he can on your ordered product.


ADS Carcare is our supplier of a vast range of fabulous car cleaning and detailing products in many different flavours and scents. When placing an order on ADS Carcare's website use the Code: MADMAXS in the discount box this will give you a 10% discount on your order. Adem Ellen has an amazing buisness and once you buy you wont stop you will really love his products.


For all you mechanical needs get in touch with D&D Autocare! David Croan the owner of the Garage offers by far the best and most reliable service you can expect.

Based in County Durham even if you are too far away David may still be able to help you with your questions or problems. 20% Discount for group members with Mad Maxs Stickers or D&D Stickers on there Max's.


The Garage Bar & Grille is an amazing place themed perfectly to the petrol head and car enthusiast. you gotta see it your self to belive it. Even the food menus are named after the motoring and racing setting.

Ooh! and dont forget to ask Terry Clarke the owner to see some of his pride motors he has collected or fully rebuilt in his awesome kitted out Garage.


Visit Adrian Flux Insurance for all your Modified or Custom Max's and Galaxy's when Quoting the group name they will offer you the best possible price they can and also up to a 15% discount to your insurance. get your quote today.


Our very own Admin member Tom Denby is Wings West Auto Detailer and he's really got an eye for detail when it come to your Max's aslo feel free to pick Tom's brain about what is the best ways and sequences to look after your own Max.

At "WWAD" Tom will give you a 10% Discount if you have a Mad Max's Sticker or a Spotted Card with you.


We are proud to have the Famous VENTED by Nick Wiley on board to fet your vents to you Mad Max's with the profesnalism and years of experiance he has.

Nick offers a £10 Discount on all painted vents when you either visit him or book on to one of his vent meets and you quote Mad Max's.   GET VENTED Guys and Gals!


Glenn Ernshaw runs his own buisness offering Conver+ Mod Updates and also Power Mod for your Max's. Glenn's based in Yorkshire but dont worry if thats too far for you he can also do updates remotly if you have the Modified OBD cable, a decent laptop and wifi conection where your Max will be parked mention Mad Max's for discount on your update.


Lockforce Van Specialist is your go to company ran by Sean Bailey. When it somes to making you Max's safe from theft Lockforce is the place to go.

Approved Fitter of the Autowatch Ghost Sytem especialy if oyu have the keyless entry and start system.

Check out his page for other systems he has available dont forget to mention Mad Max's for discout.